Multi-channel Agents: The Contact Center of the Future? 

A new report released this week by Aberdeen suggests that companies may benefit from integrating the support functions of their call center agents.  Traditional call centers, the report states, operate in four distinct channels — self-service, email, chat and voice — but enabling agents to operate across each of these channels could improve results.

However, there are several challenges that have kept call centers from making this transition:

   1) Lack of data integration;

   2) Agent skillset (which, as we’ve mentioned in the past, could be a major hurdle);

   3) Lack of necessary software.

As it should, consumer preference is driving change.  Customers want a consistent experience across channels, but does that mean companies need to move from their legacy systems to an entirely new platform that accommodates all these channels?  Not necessarily.  

Switching your entire contact center platform can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. However, through hosted/on demand solutions, there are ways to benefit from channel and data integration relatively quickly, and without overhauling your entire contact center infrastructure.   Plus, these services allow for your contact center to have best-of-breed components for each channel, as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions that may offer strong solutions for one channel, but mediocre services in another.