Say goodbye to your CRAPTCHA

Not long ago, I wrote about not letting your forms get in the way of you and your prospects. There are various culprits to impeding form completion, but one of the most notorious has been the CAPTCHA. As Un-Marketing guru Scott Stratten says, “Your CAPTCHA is CRAPTCHA.”

Well, today I learned about a new service that may let publishers remove these annoyances from their sites while at the same time provide advertisers with more exposure to engaged readers. It’s called “Type-In” from a company called Solve Media. The idea is simple: Replace CAPTCHA with slogans or branded phrases from advertisers, and eliminate the clutter of having both CAPTCHA and banner ads taking up real estate on your site. According to All things Digital, these “ads require users to engage with them, by typing in the names of brands and products. But they don’t do anything beyond that — they don’t trigger a video, or take you to another Web site, or anything else. It’s sort of like sitting on your couch and uttering “Outback” every time a Subaru spot comes on.