Sometimes Clichés are True

“Doing More with Less.”  Since the beginning of the global recession, it’s an expression that you’ve no doubt heard dozens of times.  If you work in higher education, you’ve probably even seen presentations from peers or industry experts that highlight this point.  

However, does this expression still hold true?  The Dow’s above 10,000 again.  Stocks are rebounding. And many schools are seeing enrollments spike despite the down economy.  Looks like business is booming, so do you really have to do more with less?

According to data released today by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), the answer is still, “yes.”  As reported today by Mary Beth Marklein of USA Today, the demand for higher education has never been greater, however, yield continues to drop for many colleges and universities. As a result institutions have been forced to dramatically alter their admissions procedures to make their classes.  

A few of the highlights Marklein points out: