Save that Sale!

A recent survey reported by BusinessWeek found that 89% of online consumers experience problems when conducting transactions. More than one-third of them say they go to competitors’ sites when glitches happen.

The study goes on to state that online consumers are unwilling to accept a lower level of customer service when comparing online and offline transactions.  And why should they?  The tools are available for e-commerce sites to easily transition customers from the web to a phone channel when they encounter problems.  It’s just a matter of recognizing where the pain point are on a website and devising a strategic engagement model for your customers.

 As noted by Rebecca Ward, whose organization commissioned the study, “Nobody expects to go into a department store, wait in a long line at the cash register, and then get sent to the back of the line. But that’s what often happens in the online shopping experience, and it’s clear that consumers aren’t willing to tolerate it anymore.”

When ask whether text or phone-enabled customer service would resolve the problem, Ward added that “The challenge is that the technicians who respond need to know what the shopper was doing when the problem happened. And most people don’t remember what they were doing, because the process tends to be fairly complex.”