Retailers Missing Out on Cross-Channel Promotion Opportunities

We often quote Carl Fremont, VP of Worldwide Media Services at Digitas for once writing,

“. . . everybody is worrying about their assigned channels, and nobody is worrying about the customers.” Looks like Carl was right…

A recent Gartner survey of 50 large retailers across North America and Europe has found that more than three-quarters of retailers fail to coordinate brand marketing across channels. Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than beginning a transaction in one channel and then feeling as if they’ve been forgotten when they go to another channel.

According to Internet Retailer, the report finds that “One major barrier to coordinating brand marketing across channels is the failure to share customer information to support customer-related metrics and relationship marketing activity. The cultural and skill gap between interactive and broadcast/print media also makes it difficult for retailers to coordinate marketing activities in different channels, according to the report.”

All too often, companies are concerned about maintaining each channel separate to keep tabs on performance, but what they fail to realize is that customers don’t care about “channels.” What consumers care about is the brand. By not coordinating efforts across channels you’re not only competing against yourself, but you’re hurting the customer’s perception of your brand.

Retailers (and other marketers) need to start looking at ways to fill that gap betwen their online and offline channels.