Problems online could lead to offline abandonment

Internet Retailer reports today on a new survey by Gomez, Inc. that offers some alarming news for online retailers and their offline counterparts. “The correlation between an unsatisfactory online experience and potential revenue loss has never been stronger,” says William Agush, vice president of marketing at Gomez. “Now more than ever, online retailers need to focus on ensuring a consistently superior web experience that will drive sales and brand loyalty or risk losing the customer to a competitor.”

Ultimately, what the consumer remembers is not whether or not they had a good experience on your website, but whether or not they had a good experience with your brand.  That puts a lot of pressure on online marketers who are increasingly tasked with creating a good first impression for ALL potential customers, not just those that are more likely to buy online.  

The article points out, “E-retailers will leave millions of dollars on the table this holiday season unless they dramatically improve their customers’ online experiences…And poor online performance leads consumers not only to abandon purchases but also to abandon the retailer, both online and in store, the surveys found.”

How do you improve online customer experience? Recently, the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the largest and most influential association for technology services and support professionals, evaluated technology vendors to distinguish achievement in improving the way companies provide service and support to their customers, a part of the e-commerce lifecycle that has a direct effect on customer conversion rates and overall consumer loyalty.