Online customers: how we are failing them

The internet has irreversibly affected the way businesses interact with consumers and redefined how marketers target and reach out to customers. However, just like the days before ecommerce and e-marketing, the brands that are most successful in capturing share of mind and share of wallet are those that stick to the age-old mantra "the customer comes first." 

The cornerstone to success, whether it be online or offline, is facilitating the branding or purchasing experience by helping customers find what they are looking for on their own but still offering personalized service and support when needed. Doing the former has become second nature to most companies, but the latter is often overlooked in this day and age where self-service tools are viewed as a substitute for human interaction.

Below are two examples of companies that have taken different approaches in how they communicate with online customers. One company recognized the importance of human interaction between buyers and sellers but failed to execute its plan successfully, while another company viewed human interaction as nothing more than a cost and failed to recognize that it could also present a significant opportunity for boosting the bottom line.

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