Old Spice University

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the latest internet meme to take the world by storm…the Old Spice Man and his personalized responses to just about anyone asking for his advice.   As reported by PC Magazine, “Old Spice this week capitalized on the popularity of its recent TV advertisements with a series of YouTube videos in which “Old Spice guy” Isaiah Mustafa answered questions from the Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit communities.”  The response has been wildly popular and blogs ranging from Techcrunch and Mashable to the Huffington Post have picked up the action.

The Old Spice campaign is surely an excellent case study on integrating your social media efforts across various sites (as one publication puts it…they actually found a way to make YouTube social).  

However, while Old Spice Man has found it in his heart to dish out advice on everything from grooming to relationships,  the one thing that’s been missing was some advice for college recruiters.  Until now…

Finally, Old Spice man chimed in on how his followers should select a college.  I hope your school’s prepared to offer a B.A. in One-Handed Ship Building and a Minor in Philosophy/Bazooka Shooting.


What’s a case study without results, right?  Well as of this writing, the stats speak for themselves….1,860 mentions on Google News, 580,000 + likes on Facebook, and nearly 6 million views on Youtube.  And it’s all happened practically overnight…just look at this one stat from Tweet Stat which shows a spike in @oldspice followers on Twitter in just one day after the response videos first started getting posted.