Is your delayed response stressing out your customers?

A study commissioned by British web hosting firm Fast Hosts was published last week, and claims that 9 out of 10 consumers say that slow or poor response from a company’s email customers service caused them anger or stress.

Unfortunately for those consumers, slow response rates are more common than you’d think.  Last December, a leading research firm in the U.S. found that email response rates across a number of industries are low with 41% of sites taking three days or longer to respond to customer inquiries, or not responding at all.

While email is one approach to deflecting routine customer inquiries, lack of immediacy could not only anger your customers, but hurt your brand aswell.  Creating frustrating experiences for your customers is the first step towards making them ex-customers.  Avoiding frustrating your customers is the first step towards building loyalty.

As Seth Godin puts it, the first thing any customer-oriented business should be worried about is customer satisfaction.