Customer Service Equals Loyalty

How important is customer service?  In-store shoppers find that specialized service can make all the difference between stores gaining a customer and losing one.

According to this story from the Arizona Republic:

• One in four shoppers said they walked out of a store because of poor customer service, according to a poll conducted last weekend by America’s Research Group, a consumer-behavior research firm.

• More than half – 58 percent – of shoppers polled told the same group in November that they planned to avoid stores they perceive as understaffed.

Now, the challenge for online retailers is compounded by the fact that customers don’t even have to exert any energy to leave their stores…they just need to click a button.  So what are you doing to assure online customers your store is able to accommodate their service needs?

If you’re afraid you may not be delivering the customer service experience your customers demand, now might be a good time to review these customer experience resolutions for 2008.