Talkin’ Bout Which Generation?

Harris Interactive released  the results of a new study a couple of weeks ago that aimed to investigate some of the widely held attitudes across generational lines.  The study looked at several stereotypes across generations, such as “Baby Boomers are Self Indulgent”, to see how members of each generation are actually perceived.  According to the researchers, “These findings show that two widely held views are false. One is that
America is riddled with ageism and that younger people have no respect
for older people.”

Also, something of note to higher education recruitment professionals out there…be conscious of which labels you use to refer to your constituents.  I’ve heard the word “millennial” used quite a bit in recent years, but guess what…they don’t like being called that.  Here are some names that each generation would prefer, according to the Harris study:

  • Gen Y would like to rename themselves the “Internet Generation” (32%). They really dislike being called “Generation Y” or “Millennials.”


  • Gen X would choose to rename themselves “Generation Tech” (25%). They dislike being called “Generation X.”


  • Baby Boomers are the only generation which seems to really like the name given to them (27%).


  • The Silent Generation would re-name themselves the “Responsible Generation” (44%). They strongly dislike being called “Silent” or “Invisible.”


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I think this video sums it up well…