One Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Click image to see preferences.Some interesting new stats for those of you marketing to students across multiple generations. 

A survey of Americans over the age of 40 finds that adults may prefer single-image advertisements over ads with collages or multiple images, according to marketing firm Creating Results.  Ads with a single image beat out those with multiple images 66% of the time.

Why do photos matter so much? 


 According to the Creating Results’ report, 50% of baby boomers simply tune out any advertising that is clearly geared towards younger audiences, with as many as 1/3 saying they’d go out of their way not to buy such a product.  Other points of note include:

  • Vibrant pictures featuring brighter colors and an expressive model trumped Subdued images (cooler colors, contemplative model), 65% to 35%
  • Images in which the model’s face was clearly Identifiable were preferred to Cropped (65%)
  • The older a consumer, the stronger their positive feelings for Identifiable photos (76% of those over 75, 75% of 65-74 year olds, and 62% of 55-64 year olds chose Identifiable)
  • Lifestyle photography was preferred to Product photos by all respondents (59%), and was most effective with Caregivers (71%), Gardeners (78%) and Volunteers (75%)
  • While 56% of all respondents preferred Product images over Product-in-Use, men differed from the whole – 54% chose Product-in-Use as more appealing

Now, the survey did not include responses from anyone under 40, so don’t start bombarding your younger audiences with collages and video montages just yet. But what about those of you advertising to traditional undergraduate students?  Here’s one suggestion.